We are very much pleased to introduce ourselves as the biggest umbrella manufacturer in the country. In Bangladesh you need a strong Umbrella to Protect you from sun and rain of which the materials should be of High standard, SHARIF UMBRELLA have been made giving preference to the chief of our valued buyers and clients
SHARIF UMBRELLA provides to client many kind of services such as:

  • SHARIF UMBRELLA can be printed with your logo for advertising of your company / business/ NGO/ Institute / Political Section / Social Media Activities / Media etc.
  • SHARIF UMBRELLA can be printed with your logo for gifts purpose of your birth day / marage ceremony / gift for family , Child, Friend etc.
  • Beach Umbrella
  • Garden Umbrella
  • Survey Umbrella
  • Golf Umbrella
  • Fashion Umbrella
  • Ladies Umbrella
  • Auto folding Umbrella
  • folding Umbrella
  • Manual Umbrella
  • Manual Strong Umbrella
  • Ladies Umbrella
  • Gents Umbrella
  • Child Umbrella etc.